The Dream Campaign

Battle Royale in the Rose King's Palace Royale!

Wily/Thoradin/Bravo/Zanne (meanie lady) woke up in the Rose King‘s palace’s lounge room that had TORTURE CUSHIONS in it. When suddenly they were attacked by foes!

The foes had symbols proving that they were servants of Bane!

loot from the battle with the snake head ladies
7 +3 cloth armor
6 +3 short swords
4 +3 rods

We fought a powerful servant of Bane on the Rose King’s roof, he said he was testing us and after battling for awhile he left saying we had passed the test.

The Rose King then gave us a gift of gold, he promised us six thousand soldiers for the war against the Dravidian Empire (giving us a total of ten thousand troops), he gave us information on several vampires in the Fey Courts so we can try to talk to the Vampires in the mortal realm (in the Mournlands specifically).

We then went to the Fey Court.



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