The Dream Campaign

The Promises of General Chang and the Knowledge of Elron

In the Astral Domain of Jorjy

We discuss things with a soul thingy in Jorjy’s icy palace.

Then we meet General Chang in a tactical room, looking over a map of the Fey. We (Wily) asked him for aid in the coming war. Chang promises, soldiers, icy dragons, precisely controlled snow storms.

He reveals the existence of various islands surrounding the continent on which the Dravidian Empire is based.

some stuff we learned

  • There is a kingdom in the deserts of someplace that learned to fight by using the sand.
  • The South Western island is mostly tribal, but is very close to the main continent.

Our plan:

  • A two pronged assault, from the Mournlands in the south east and then mountains in the north west (from which we will conquer the river to forge a foothold).

Wily then promises to get back to Chang with more information soon.

Change then promises to muster a million troops to bring to the cause. Between different planes, demons, devils. Including hundreds of dragons.

Chang then gave us some information on how to locate Elron.

Bravo collected some ordinary flowers from the Astral Domain, but could not take its special flowers. He also tried to talk to the gnomes who were there and asked them about the Lost Garden of the Gnomes. The Gnomes did not want to tell Bravo about their garden, they questioned his right to ask about it and generally were not happy with him.

Then we hunted polar bears! And convinced one to come with us by beating it up until it surrendered (Tethys is training it to do stuff).

Then we ship off, and then run into an abyssal storm where we run into a Githyanki ship.

Then we find the way to the center of the storm and find Elron, and then we fight a Beholder who was following us.

There’s a very important temple in the mortal realm, Elron gave meanie lady (Zanne) a map with a red mark showing the location of the temple.

He told her that If she breaks the icon that is located there, it should break most of the divine flow in the mortal realm. Thanatos is likely to just like walk through.

We start heading off to visit Thanatos, but then consider visiting Maze instead.

We end up splitting up into two groups, Thoradin, meanie lady, and Captain Bravo head off in the Jenny 2. While Tethys, Wily, and the Polar Bear head off to Thanatos.

And we head off into the sunset.



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