The Dream Campaign

We slew a giant crow creature, and met TF the Assassin (Nick).

We found a naked gnome in a fancy box. He screams a lot. Thoradin tied him up and started carrying him around (it latter turned out that his screaming was some sort of language… I guess).

We met an old man who asked us a riddle. He offered Bravo a job and Bravo accepted but needed to talk to Maze first.

We found a room with lots of holes in a wall that has dart holes in another wall. A progressively greater number of skeletons kept appearing and attacking us between each attempt to solve the puzzle of the room. Eventually we solved the room and got out of it.

We eventually found Maze in a room at the top of the tower with Zanne.

Maze told Bravo how the universe came to be:

  • The primal energy was the origin of primordial and deities
  • the primal energy is the prime mover that he has been searching for
  • when Bravo asked where he could find primal energy Maze said ‘maybe the void
  • then when Bravo asked how to get to the void Maze said he should worship chickens

When Bravo asked if he will help with the war against the mortal realm

  • bring the prophet (Random) to the great church
  • then when we touch the idol on the alter, aid will come
  • some call the great church the original church, it’s on Zanne’s map

Bravo ate a plant from the lost garden of the gnomes (Maze gave it to him) and:

  • learned the secret language of the gnomes
  • from now on gnomes think that he’s actually just a giant gnome

Maze made Bravo’s Dragon Snapdragon golden:

  • Bravo instantly gains the respect of all hat makers he ever encounters

Bravo bought the gnome kid from Thoradin for 6 platinum pieces and then was able to talk to him and gave him a hat and some clothes. The gnome kid calls Bravo his father. He is 9 years old, he didn’t have a name so I named him Moses.

Maze commanded Thoradin to obey Zanne’s commands, know his place, and respect his companions.

Thoradin asked Maze to trade his life for Zanne’s life (like, trade his life so that Maze would kill Zanne).
Maze said that he liked Zanne and that if Thoradin kills her he will “torment your soul for the rest of eternity”

Thoradin turns, yells “Worth it!” slammed his hammer into Zanne’s face. She died, Maze turned Thoradin into a scarecrow and put him in a room full of crows who are worshiping a giant crow statue. The crows peck out his eyes and torture him, and each day he is restored to be tortured again.

Maze also took Thoradin’s possessions (which presumably includes the Rusty Fork).

[the scarecrow earlier found this room and got pulled out of it. He will spend the rest of time searching for it again.]

Bravo talked with Maze for ten days and ten nights.

During which Bravo taught Moses the family rules.



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