The Dream Campaign

The R that Stands for RANDOM, dun da dun da daa

IN THE DARK MAZE OF MAZE Bravo received a tablet and was told by Maze to follow the rules that it will give him each day instead of his FAMILY RULES.

Then Bravo went off post-hastily until he found a GIANT APPLE in the sea and then he met an old lady named Jaylin Dororistimo, Saint of Apple something something.

Jayiln joined with Bravo and then Bravo found Random D’Pomme in the Applish domain and Then Random joined in the EPIC JOURNEY TO SAVE THE MORTAL WORLD’S SOULS!

The partishousness left the Janna II in the Applish domain and went on to the place where the Feywild was lost from being located in.

Then another ship came about with a Dwarf named SOMETHING SOMETHING or Lan aboard her and then some devils or demons or something and then battle was engaged upon and victory was found as one might have come to expect and then we were CAST BY OURSELVES THROUGH THE WORMHOLE into a land of plentiful feyness.

Then we thought to follow in the steps of Willy, and, in order to find him, we thought to find GOWRON OF THE GOLDEN BEARD.

We went to find him in the court land of the fey peoples and we found there a necessity of locating his himness. Fortunately Jaylin thought to ask a person who had previously discussed information with Bravo and Tethys when they were searching for someone and she found out information about directions to his location and we found him in his location and we talked to him.

He seemed impressed with Random.

Then we went on and about to the place where Wily was by FLYING PUMPKIN except he wasn’t there anymore so we had to move on to the place where he was now so Random put up us a portal into which we put ourselves up through, and we came out into the land of waterousness.

Then we found Wily who tried to run Random over but was prevented by a GIANT APPLE.

Then we went onwards until we found some FOMES! Who were really actually watery gnomes. They gave us a GIANT EGG that might’ve been the egg of a GIANT TURTLE.

But now we must hold onto ourselves and tell the story of how Willy came to be upon the place where we were.

Willy was in the domain of bane (ha-ha, get it? aaaah). He met a general who promised to outdo the promises of someone else… Possibly General Chang. I could’ve been paying more attention here.

He promised Mammoths, things riding boars, giants, dragons with gold saddles & diamond bars everywhere, and a dragon named Tony.

Then Wily visited the Archfey of Flowers, the Rose King, and discussed matters with him and some nerd. They talked about a giant portal or something.


Then we met Blibdoolpoolp and we fought with her friendlily and then we went on to a place in the sky somehow for some reason.

Then Bravo drank 12 coffees and became super hyper until they wore out and then he became much less hyper.

During this time he purchased a flying airship though!

Then our adventurers came to the city of Windyheights where everyone gave in to their vices, gambling, bingo, and napping.

Wily gambled against a jinn named Asiago.

And Bravo found a man named Seniore H who can make ships fly. Then one of Lan’s henchmen turned into a one armed stone chair so that Bravo could rest from the aftereffects of the coffees.


The most important things that happened were that Random left a trail of apple-ships with messages about the church of apples all along the way. And he snuck copies of the scripture onto most people he met (Gowron, Lan, Bravo) and brainwashed a lot of people (the Fomes, Doggy, a Kraken in the Elemental Chaos, some gnomes who are in the train for some reason, presumably Moses, various people in each city we visited, except the Fey Courts I guess cause he was busy).

Then everyone gave in to the sleepy sleepies.




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