The Dream Campaign

Wherewithin we ostend the praenomen of the topical to proffer au courant perfection

Our adventuresome heroes were wisely recessing within the recesses of their train when upon the door of said vehicular device there came without warning a somewhat great but really rather ordinary knocking, and then an answering from our illustrious heroes and then other sounds withal.

To list our heroes not alphabetically but with a mysterious pattern unknown to mortal minds until this day: Tethys, Bolly, Thoradin, Wily, and some lady who’s name I know not. And now Bravo was appended to the list of OUR HEROES.

and after some dawdling our heroes traversed into the dark place where souls go when they have no where else to be anymore. THE NOT SO BAD TOWER OF DARK DARKNESS! Or that other tower which is called the Crystal Spire, one of them I’m sure.

After OUR HEROES applied to KEH LEHM VOHRH for release of the soul of Armades, and Bravo petitioned for the enslavement of as many souls as possible, Kelemvor actuated the potential for the heroes to be at the bottom of a cave system which lay underneath his tower.

Then our illustrious heroes fought their way nail and tooth out of the bowls of the fathomless sanctum of things resembling those squid head guys. Then they arrived upon the surface of the gloomy tower grounds or inside the tower or somewhere and then Kelemvor said that fate had made its decision and allowed them to take the souls from the place where they were.

Then our izama kwakwakhiwa went about with GLORIOUS SPEED back to the caliginous city of Gloomwrought. Whereupon Bravo did take himself into the den of some noisome witches and gave them the souls with which they created a cure to the unpleasant plague that was afflicting Bravo and some portion of Gloomwrought’s swell denizens.

Meanwhile, Wily and our other dedicated heroes went about their business with an entity who shall herein be known as the Dark Lord of Dankness (who is actually someone else with a different name). They gave him the soul of his servant Armades and then he made their train able to turn into pure shadow.

Around this time Bravo met some gnomes in the city and challenged them each to a arithmetical competition of speed and offered some of them hats which some of them accepted. He also discovered that a gnome who is known as something or other knows things about the LOST GARDEN GNOMES. Bravo later found time to go and meet this man who is a professor at the gnomish academy which is located within Gloomwrought’s wrought walls. Bravo did not uncover anything however he did write the name a letter after leaving in the hopes that the professor would be more forthcoming through ink than he was in person.

Meanwhile the not-Bravo members of the party went off and did other stuff, then a man who was named MISTER STONEWALL had given a quest to the group to be done which involved creating a fake pseudo adventure for his son who at this point in time did in fact have a name.

And then our essential heroes did do this quest most nonaspiratingly. Whilst doing the quest they heard from a druid who had a name – and who they met when she was standing in a room – that the MISTER STONEWALL who was their (our mad heroes’) employer was holding in his possession a magical Arch Druid who had the power to restore the leylines to their former glory or some such. He or she also brought word that the wood elf nation were interested in helping with THE MEMORABLE WAR AGAINST THE DRAVIDIAN EMPIRE.

So that arch druid thing was saved when the quest was done.

But wait! There’s more!

They (our gnathic adventurers) then went on to the palace of the Archfey of Roses! Were they were attacked by a group of creatures after witnessing the Archfey of Roses acting peculiarly!

Then they took a nap.

Doggy Finds His Pack!

Tethys, Sir John the Eighth, Doggy, Thoradin, and Willy where traveling along in a train WHEN SUDDENLY the train came into contact with a big Grey Dragon who toppled the train and then beset the innocent TJDTTW with much violence despite Thoradin’s haranguing.

After many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, rounds of battle did unfold, a TERRIBLE FIEND came forth from netherwhere and did forsake Sir John who was his pactee who was so upset by this that he did then kill himself with a Rusty Fork which later passed to Thoradin. Then the TERRIBLE FIEND did make much speech with Willy who thereupon adopted its power and purpose upon himself. Whereupon did the previously written events transpire.

Talking to the Master of Shadow or the Lord of Shadow or someone who has some sort of title of that sort. Willy seeks a way to make the train invisible or give it some sort of stealth power I know not what.

Whereupon we did meet a lady whose name I do not recall but who did then join our party and bequest upon us to allow her to do so and we did allow her such.

He asked us to go to the Crystal Spire to seek the soul of his servant Armades who is dead. I believe we were seeking a way to revive him from the dead.

After which the group went shopping in the city.

Doggy bought a pack of 15 dogs from some shady guy there. He herded them back to the train, but one of them vanished along the way, so he went back and looked for it. He found it in a sewer being eaten by some scum. Doggy went and got Thoradin and then they killed the scum and Doggy took the dog’s body out into the swamp and left it there then went to sleep.

Introducing Mihajla!

Doggy, Teros, Tethys, Thoradin, and Sir John The Eighth traveled across the shadowfell, heading towards Gloomwrought, the City of Midnight. They arrived outside a large body of blocking terrain which was in the train’s way of reaching the city.

Teros then cast a ritual and brought forth a cold storm of snow, allow passage across the blocking terrain.

Then the tent of Mihajla the Djinni was found and entered.

And then the whole group placed bets with Mihajla

Things that happened as a result of the bets:

  • Doggy freed Colgrian the Minotaur from his captivity.
  • Random was given to Mihalja as the result of Teros losing a bet
  • Teros lost his freedom as a result of a bet
  • the Rose King’s son was freed freeeeeeed from Mihalja

Then the group went to the Fey Courts and acquired Willy as per instructions from Teros (in the event of his death he instructed Thoradin to go and retrieve Willy).

Then DTTTJ went to the Rose King and returned his son to him and then he yelled at his son and then his son ran off and Doggy chased him to his room.

and people talked to the Rose King a bit.

Saving the Freedom of the Most Glorious Conrad!


Suddenly, a door that you never knew existed is kicked down and a burly looking dwarf wielding a hammer bust down with it
“OK, I’M HERE TO HELP!” he yells, looking around wide eyed.

You see a tentacle start reaching out and try to wrap around the dwarf. He bats it away and lifts the door back to it’s original position. After some beating of the door, it disappears back out of existence
“Bloody Steve, always mucking about..” he mutters

“Where did that door one from?” The Druid asks

(in golden retriever form) raises his eyebrows… “Woof! Woof! Woof!” he says (Tethys hears "Hey! Hey! You’re a dwarf!) then he runs up to the dwarf and jumps on him and vigorously licks his face and beard

“I….I don’t remember…. Strange….”
looks puzzled for a moment, then shrugs and smiles

pets doggy n scratches behind his ears

“Aaaawww yeaaaah” in the language of canines… though… the body language kinda gives away the meaning

pulls out a stick


throws the stick

chases stick “IT’S A STICK! I GOT IT! IT GOT IT!”. Calms down “Okay stick, where are you? You can’t hide from me stick, I’m gonna-OH I FOUND THE STICK I FOUND THE STICKruns back “HERE’S THE STICK I GOT THE STICK! THIS IS A STICK AND I AM A DOG!” drops it at dwarf’s feet and jumps on him and licks his face again

picks it up and throws it again, farther this time

chases after itNOYOURNOTGETTINGAWAYYOUSTICKgrab it, runs backITOLDYOUYOURNOTGETTINAWAYSTICKdrops it at dwarf’s feet “I GOT THE STICK! I GOT THE STICK! PET ME PET ME PET ME!!!” sits in front of dwarf this time, looking up at him adorably

“So… Where did you come from?”

“Why do you have a stick for playing fetch for?” Tethys asks

pets doggy
“My name is Thoradin Stonehide. I come from the Iron Core mountains.”

“awww yeah”
Doggy seems happy

“That doesn’t explain the door that suddenly appeared out of nowhere”, says the Druid still puzzled.

“or the stick” says Tethys

THE STICK!” grabs the stick, walks up to Tethys with it
drops it at her feet

Looks back, puzzled at the door
“Well, it’s a long story, sorta.”
Puts away his hammer and takes a seat, making sure not to sit on his beard

“So, as you know, my name is Thoradin. I was part of the guard at the dwarven keep in one of the Iron Core mountains. One day, after a few drunken brawls and heavy drinking, I awoke outside the fort. I had a magical vision of a pixie floating above me. The young fey creature spoke ever softly about a group of travelers that needed assistance, and that I was destined to seek them out and leave my old life behind me. I was awed by the creature’s presence, so delicate and innocent.
Then…. I noticed that the pixie wasn’t indeed flying, but hanging from a rope. And I noticed that he was a bit big for a pixie…
The damned buggar was a gnome, and he was trying to make away with my coin purse! I roared in anger, headbutting the little bastard and then was ambushed by his little buddies.
After I sent them away crying, I decided to look over their gubbins and saw a book that intrigued me. Something about the Church of Apples? Anyways, it was fancy and had a picture of a fairy/pixie looking thing. That was twice a mention of that fey, it had to be a sign!
So I packed up my belongings and set off, in search of the thrice mention of pixie across my path.

Then I encountered your pixie friend in a market in the gnome underground. I was shocked, and tried to follow her but was lost in the crowd. Mighty difficult to find a pixie in a crowd"

roars with laughter

“But anyways, I’ve been following your trail for a while now. Not too successfully, mind you. I lost your trail after some strange business with a mountain spirit. I thought I had you then, because I had family that tipped me off in that city, but you disappeared again. I thought I had lost you forever, and in anger I went to a tavern and drank away my sorrows. Again, I awoke to a pixie floating above me. After trying to bat it away, I realized this one was real. He said his name was “Ruin”, and that I needed to run. I kept trying to sleep, but my bed seemed to be moving under me! That damn tentacle monster turned out to be my bed! As I was running, the little pixie spirit thing was floating with me, telling me that I had fallen through into the City of Doors! Damned if I know how. After running for a bit and fighting off the advances of the monster, I ended up at this door, or… least this spot gesturing to where the door was
Ruin told me that my adventure awaited through those doors, so I busted through, expecting some action! But you guys seemed to have everything under control here.."
Looks a bit sad to have missed the action

“So! That be my story!”
*Smiles jovially and takes a swig from his flask.

“So there was a gnome…on a rope…pretending to be a pixie?”

“Hey i know ruin! Ive been looking for him. Did he have a cat with him?” Says tethys

at the mention of the word cat Doggy looks at Tethys suspiciously

nods, laughing
“Those little tricksters!”
To Tethys: “A cat? No, don’t think I remember seeing one of those. Sorry little one.”


Tethys, Teros, Doggy, Thoradin, and John went down into the next level of the facility they were burgling.

There they found a dastardly Fomorian who was not in a cage and a mysterious Fomorian who was in a cage and some dogs who did not get along with Doggy. After killing everyone who was not in a cage Teros freed a pair of en-caged cyclops with the names [[Fo & Fum]] who were not competent engineers.

The party freed Conrad the Chicken. Using John’s escape magic they escaped back to the train. They then gave Conrad to Farlon. Farlon had completed working on The Train, giving it the power to cross into different planes. This power was put to use as the party traveled to the somber Shadowfell.


The Desuetude of The Quest for Mountain Spirit!
And the beginning of The Quest for Conrad's Hope!

tldr: Cato died, Doggy joined the group. Farlon showed up in the guise of an old man and said some things. Also we forgot about Anum and left him in some cave.

initial group: Cato, John, Teros (the Druid, the Assassin), Tethys

The adventures walked into a great domed hall at least 50 feet tall, a mighty stone pillar bearing strange dwarven runes dominating the view. Various large rocks littered the field. As the Druid (Teros) realized none of the party could read the dwarven script, he cast a ritual to bring forth a learned sage, he asked reverently,“What is the purpose of this pillar?”

The sage took a moment to collect its smart ass answer, it answered annoyingly smugly “To tell the dwarves about this room” and vanished. The Druid grew annoyed and began casting the ritual again.

Perhaps in a spout of boredom, perhaps actually planning something John began moving the various rocks across the floor. Concerned, innocent Tethys said,“Don’t move those! Rocks don’t like to be moved. They like to sit in the same spot” John ignored her, arrogantly claiming, “My family has moved rocks for generations!” and continued moving the rocks, with each passing moment Tethys become more concerned, the druid continued casting the ritual. Little did they know what monstrosity they were about to unleash

Suddenly a rock John was moving lunged forwarded, an acidic maw forming on its surface and bit into John. A mighty voice filled the room, booming from the pillar, “Who dares disturb me?” Tethys, innocent as ever, pointed at John, “He did it”

The runed pillar morphed into a huge golem, several other rocks also animated themselves and hurled themselves at John. Tethys and Bolly flew away to avoid the spirits, the Druid became annoyed that they had disturbed the spirits. As john was being overwhelmed by the rocks, unwilling to watch his friend die foe no reason Cato threw himself into the fray to protect his friend John who he had totally had one conversation with at some point.

The golem announced “You shall perish” and the Druid told the pair,“I only have enough components to bring one of you back if you die” Cato whispered, “pick me”, the Druid announced,“he has called dibs”

In the next few seconds Tethys watched as the rocks beat them up, surprised that rocks hurt people. The Druid thought that perhaps if they killed the two he would simply bring them back from the dead. He hoped that after casting the ritual and getting an actual answer he could find a way to convince the great mountains core to part with part of its essence. And so he did nothing.

With strikes that barely hurt the Mountains core, magic that proved woefully ineffective at harming the rocks, the two were beaten and bitten, though they fought courageously they were killed within a minute or two. After the Druid cast a ritual to bring the dead back to life, he found surprisingly that Cato’s spirit refused return. John was brought back instead, he immediately created a portal and jumped through, fleeing from the group.

Confused and annoyed at the turn of events, the Druid completed the ritual. The new scholar translated the runes, which said nothing important whatsoever. Even more annoyed, the Druid asked the mountain itself if it could provide the essence he sought, the great mountain became angry that the Druid wasn’t a dwarf. It replied,“I will not destroy myself for you” aghast the Druid said,“I wasn’t told you would be destroyed, I never intended to destroy a spirit. Is there no way you could give me a piece of the essence?”

The mountains voice became more annoying, “I don’t like you. I don’t like you. I don’t like you.” and that was all the mountain would say. Increasingly frustrated with how weird and hostile the world had become in the last few days the Druid departed back to the dwarven city.

And then John stepped back through the portal, “I think we should go to the ”/wikis/Fey%20Courts/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Fey Courts" the druid shrugged and they departed.

The Fey Courts

At the fey courts, John got a particular rusty fork and an extremely silly hat.

On the way to they fey courts a wizened bearded wizard (Farlon in a guise) in a white cloak asked to ride this new train. Tethys waved remembering the old man and declared of course. The Druid, helpless in the strangeness of his new life, decided the Pixie must know what shes doing agreed and they departed. as the picturesque terrain flew by through the window of the train, the old man questioned the Druid about the train, after explaining that the train was intended to soon gain the capability of jumping between planes. The old man claimed that he could provided the magic to allow the train to jump planes, if the Assassin would save his friend Conrad from a Fomarian fortress. The Druid agreed to such an easy deal.

The old man did some magic in private, converting the train cart into a extra dimensional space that housed four carts instead of the one. They soon arrived in the fey courts, when the Druid asked John why they were there John simply stared at him, then left. Tethys soon flew away saying something about dirt and her animals coming back. The Druid left to buy bedding for the animals. Tethys gathered dirt and threw it into her new room. And then a small stampede approached as a giant hamster and horse tied to a cart ran up to Tethys. it was Chewy, Theodore, Hercules and The Bunnies (who were terribly out of dancing practice). With them was a short attention span having golden retriever named Doggy.

Tethys and the animals grew hungry, ran into a large teepee and were given food for free for reasons they did not question. When they were full they went back to the train and fell asleep in a heap atop the new hay that had appeared in the cart.

As the Druid looked around at the slain Fomorians, he pondered exactly when he lost track of Anum, oh well hes probably not talking to someone else.

It went well for the primal characters, less so for the others.

While eating in the tent-thing, Doggy found a friendly buffaloe who let him lie on its back and then he realized it was not comfortable so he left it, then the guy serving the food said something about people eating unicorns, then Doggy went over to a group of bears to tell them that the man had said something strange at which point the bears said something about how some people do eat unicorns. And the bear pet Doggy and rubbed his belly, and then showed him how to balance a ball on his nose.

Also, Doggy saw a squirrel in the city at one point and so he knows there are squirrels there. He also smelled another dog but did not find it.

The Quest for Mountain Spirit!

Cato and Anum and Teros and Tethys and Bolly (TTBCA / BCATT / ATBTC / TBACT / TTCAB / CBATT / CTTBA / TABTC / BATTC / CTATB / ATCTB / TTBAC / CATTB / TATCB / BACTT / TTCBA / CTTAB / TBTCA / BCTAT / CTBAT / ACTBT / TCBTA / ACBTT / TBATC / BTTCA / BTTAC / ABTTC / TACTB / TTACB / ABTCT / TCTBA / ATCBT / TABCT / BCTTA / TCABT / BATCT / TATBC / CATBT / CTBTA / BTATC / ATTCB / CBTTA / TCBAT / BTACT / CABTT / BTCTA / TCATB / TBTAC / ABCTT / TBCAT / CBTAT / CTABT / ATBCT / BTCAT / TCTAB / TBCTA / TACBT / ACTTB / TTABC / ATTBC) returned to the GREAT DWARVEN CITY OF STONEROCK where STONES are ROCKS. They spoke with some dwarf who presumably knows stuff about mountain spirits, and gave him a staff that they had acquired in the last session after he had spoken words about it.

The purpose of all of this grand adventure was of course the acquisition of the aid of a Mountain Spirit who shall somehow make mountains bow before the mighty train.

In the City of Stonerock

Teros payed a man for some carts, and four days went by without the memory as to why.

Teros sought out a wizard and after finding one attempted to hire him to maintain a teleportation circle on the train. The wizard refused and brought Teros’ anger out into the field of existence.

Cato met a dwarven librarian named Dwarvina in a dwarven library in the underground dwarven city of Stonerock where there was a dwarven library with a dwarven librarian named Dwarvina. They conversed regarding flying creatures, Cato attempting to identify a large flying species of creature which would hypothetically contain pleasantly demeaned specimens. The species discussed as possible answers included Pegasus and Winged Giant Turtles and Titantic Flying Serpents. Cato attempted to befriend the dwarven Dwarvina over the four days the party spent waiting for that thing for which they waited. He discovered, to his chagrin, that there was were no hopes for thems theirs as friends due to the strong barriers of cultural differentiation that existed in-betwixt their selves.


O! Gentle Teros found himself searching the vegetable stalls of Stonerock for those vegetables which dwarves like least of all and then Cato was with him and they failed but then found some sortof. Then Cato found a ham pie which he ate while Teros asked him to remind him of something in a moment. Then they went to a place that sold carpentered boxes made out of some sort of material that one presumes exists within the universe and ordered them some things -well Teros ordered a thing, or things, at least. Meanwhilst and without much distance between events Cato then betokened with words to the man that he had some quantity of desire to know if the man (who was presumably a carpenter) if he had ever seen a FLYING BROOMSTICK ever at a point which was not in the present or the future, and the man said

“Yee! I have there seen a man once who did fly upon a FLYING BROOMSTICK and I shot him down for sport, because I am a terrible naughty man who does things he should not but knows it and does not mind being not-good but rather bad instead.”

And Cato spoke words that went into the man’s ears that brought out a conversation about the subject of which they spoke and gave Cato much knowledge of how the man had broken the FLYING BROOMSTICK over his KNEE and then threw it into a LAKE. After which Cato learned that the man was a liar and that none of his words had been true or at least that they might well have had not been very true or possibly might have even been inaccurate.

At around which times Cato reminded Teros of the things he had been asked to remind him of. And then Teros did some things which pass from memory.

Then the gang of gaggly people whose names could be acronym-ed in zero and sixty ways went about and into a place that was a mine where they went by DWARVEN THINGS WHO WERE POSSESSED by special application of GUILE and WIT and then they went into a place where there were rock golems who were made out of stone and then they fought.

And they fought for some amount of time.

And then they won.



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