The Dream Campaign

Tethys, Sir John the Eighth, Doggy, Thoradin, and Willy where traveling along in a train WHEN SUDDENLY the train came into contact with a big Grey Dragon who toppled the train and then beset the innocent TJDTTW with much violence despite Thoradin’s haranguing.

After many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, rounds of battle did unfold, a TERRIBLE FIEND came forth from netherwhere and did forsake Sir John who was his pactee who was so upset by this that he did then kill himself with a Rusty Fork which later passed to Thoradin. Then the TERRIBLE FIEND did make much speech with Willy who thereupon adopted its power and purpose upon himself. Whereupon did the previously written events transpire.

Talking to the Master of Shadow or the Lord of Shadow or someone who has some sort of title of that sort. Willy seeks a way to make the train invisible or give it some sort of stealth power I know not what.

Whereupon we did meet a lady whose name I do not recall but who did then join our party and bequest upon us to allow her to do so and we did allow her such.

He asked us to go to the Crystal Spire to seek the soul of his servant Armades who is dead. I believe we were seeking a way to revive him from the dead.

After which the group went shopping in the city.

Doggy bought a pack of 15 dogs from some shady guy there. He herded them back to the train, but one of them vanished along the way, so he went back and looked for it. He found it in a sewer being eaten by some scum. Doggy went and got Thoradin and then they killed the scum and Doggy took the dog’s body out into the swamp and left it there then went to sleep.



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