The Dream Campaign

We arrive in the Fey Courts.

Wily goes to meet the vampire lord Vger. He asks for information about the Mournlands. [Something about the book of vile darkness]. Turns out a man named Elron has the book.

Wily visited Gowron of the Gifted Beard, a noted wizard man. He’s a dwarf with a gold beard. Gowron figured out that Elron is standing near the Crystal Spire’s… [reflection?] on the Astral Sea.

Graf Aubfbn? Auburn? Aubryn?

Bravo hung out with the gnomes in the Fey Courts for awhile, and bought two plants, one Dragony Snap Dragon plant (that he’s wearing as a hat) and one that played violin music. He intends to give them to the Rose King. He was drunk-ish at the time.

Bravo discovered that the Lost Garden Gnomes is not a type of gnome but rather is the gnomes’ Lost Garden. According to some lady in the Fey Courts.

We got on the Astral Skiff of Captain Graf. While sailing through the Astral Sea we were set upon by Qalm raiders [or some such thing].

A devil appeared who had apparently forged a contract with Captain Graf. During the raid some of the stuff the goods the ship was transporting were damaged. We held a discussion with the devil and convinced him to leave Captain Graf his ship and his soul.

Then we immediately regretted the decision cause he’s a poo-poo head.

Then we arrived in some city located near the Nine Hells, which is run by a devil. The devil was very impolite to Bravo when he wanted to take clippings of the nine flowers that grew there.

Wily purchased a Astral Skiff with various modifications and stuff.

We then went to the Astral Domain of Jorjy. We were walking up to Jorjy’s palace as…



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