The Dream Campaign

Bravo (Carl), Wily (Alberto), Tethys (Alberto), Thoradin (Bryan), and Zanne (Lewis) where within the walls of the Archfey of Roses, when suddenly they fell to napping and to them in their slumber came a apologue to teach them to eschew evil ways!

Zanne (Lewis) Carl-or
Bravo (Carl) Mesothorium Stage (Mr. Stage)
Wily (Alberto) Boba
Thoradin (Bryan) Elise
? (Nicholas) Hans the lusty hunchback
? (Sergio) Viktor

This apological tale of the vile wickedness of halflings starts in a large room where a large number of wizards were meeting for a big wizard party-convention-thing.

Mr. Stage saw the need for his talents and immediately attempted to improve the party with song and dance. The crowd did not seem to appreciate his music that he played on a shoe that he got somewhere somehow.

Meanwhile Boba was attempting to discover how they had arrived at the party. For almost no one in the room had any memory of how they got there. He found that an Archmage who was present in the room was responsible for calling them there, the Archmage said that it was his wish that wizards would work together and learn more things through the application of teamwork!

Then a number of halflings walked into the room (the exact number of them is known to be more than zero but otherwise it is not certainly known) and began celebrating the incoming presence of the wonderful bear Bob the Smiley Bear!

The halflings only needed someone to take an invitation the bear so that he could attend the convention, oh, those flagitious halflings. Terrible creatures are they! Liars and scoundrels and mongrels! Let this moral story be a lesson to any race that reads this, follow not the example of halflings for they are wretches!

And from there of course Mr. Stage volunteered to go and invite the bear. Various other people followed him for unknown reasons (Carlor, Bobba, Viktor, Elise).

It should be carefully noted that Viktor said beep boop a lot. Pay attention dear reader, this is important!

Mr. Stage and the strange group of people following him then arrived at the house, some goblins attempted to belay their progress but were in their purpose prevented by application of manly aplomb (which is the basic law of ballet).

Mr. Stage knocked on Bob’s door, but, Bob was taking a nap, so he took awhile to respond. In the meantime the ruffians who had been following Mr. Stage engaged in a fight with some other goblins who were about.

When Bob finally did respond, he dismissed the invitation out of hand, though he was pleasant enough. At which point Carlor killed him.

Needless to say, Mr. Stage was severely disappointed with the way this day was going. He went outside the hut and decided to wait for the ruffians to come out so they could follow him back to the convention (couldn’t let them get lost, they were clearly child-like in mentality). While he waited, Carlor went to explore the upstairs of Bob’s house (which was a windmill). There he found a young lady and a bear, he attacked the bear and it ate him.

When Boba realized what had happened he called Mr. Stage upstairs to talk to the bear, Mr. Stage did so, and extended the invitation to this bear (whose name was never learned). This bear accepted the invitation.

Along the way there were more goblins attempting to slow Mr. Stage’s progress back to the town. At this point it must be clear to you, dear reader, as it is to me, that the goblins were worshiping some evil god of slowness. These goblins were prevented in their religious routine through skillful ballet just like the others though.

On the way back to the wizarding party, Boba stopped at some halfling’s house and informed him of what had gone on. It turned out that the young lady who had been saved from the goblins had been sold to them by the vile and evil halflings. After which discovery the ruffians destroyed the entire town.

So you see, esteemed readers, there is no good to be had in evil deeds, they always result in the utter destruction of your entire city, and the despoliation of all your goods.

During these events, Tethys was following the exploits of a butterfly who rode on a brave squirrel (who Bolly was following) as they went off and adventured themselves off on their own adventures.



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