The Dream Campaign

In which we battle the pillow thief!

Tethys was possessed by the spirit of a Kenku in the city of Windyheights!

She gathers together Bravo and Lan and Jaylin and some dude who might’ve been named Shingles but probably wasn’t in a conference room with a round table.

Then she sets up them the plan of action: to wit: to engage in thievery of pillows in the place where Asiago keeps his impressive pillows.

Such activity was decided to be engaged upon so Bravo lit something on fire, then everyone went into a casino and Bravo got kicked out because he SPOKE WORDS, then other people did other things and eventually joined him.

Then we met in another conference room that Bravo hadn’t lit on fire yet and some people probably said some stuff, then probably not Shingles died. Then Bravo was sent out to mark ALL THE WALLS OF THE CITY with the words “We are looking for a Ritual Caster”.

Meanwhile other people went and did other stuff.

Then Carl’s computer started working so Bravo suddenly realized his tablet had things it wanted him to do, so he went and bought a 10 gold piece rod that is TEN TIMES THE SIZE of a normal rod. Then he found a homeless man and gave him 12 gold pieces, then he needed to adopt a hobgoblin so he want to Random and Random summoned a hobgoblin who Bravo adopted.

Then the hobgoblin misbehaved so Bravo knocked it unconscious for its misbehavior and started carrying it around and tried to tie it up. Then Bravo presumptively succeeded in buying a cravat.

Meanwhile everyone else was talking to a large man about Sphinxes for some reason.

Then the others found Bravo and everyone went to a casino or castle or some place and found themselves in a locked room with an open window so they went out into a place that has PLANTS and a homeless pillow thief so they engaged HIM in combat because he was trying to steal INNOCENT PILLOWS.

Nunc finis fabulae (that means END OF THE STORY FOR NOW in Latin, though note that the finis is pronounced like fEE-nis not fin’is)



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